A couple weeks back we attended the Disaster Preparedness Workshop sponsored by the Miami-Dade SBE where small business leaders from throughout Miami-Dade came together to discuss the unique demands of running a small business in an area such South Florida, an area plagued by hurricanes.

What kinds of insurance resources exist to combat these calamities?

What kinds of financing exists through government agencies like SBA and FEMA?

How can businesses in South Florida prepare for these storms and mitigate the risk of total loss?

Speakers from FEMA, Fire Rescue, Insurance Agencies, and Finance Companies showed out in order to either provide information on services that they offer, or to shed light on certain resources that exist within the public sphere in order to make Hurricane season a fear-less time for South Florida’s small businesses.

At AA Bankers, we are interested in the unique funding opportunities that exist in this turbulent time. Insurance payout, disaster relief and remediation, window and glass, sub-contractors and construction agencies could all use the cash flow during this time to fulfill as many orders and demands as possible. With the Factoring services AAB offers, your business will never find itself waiting on Invoices and cash starved when the demand for services is so high. With our mobilization funding, construction and subcontracting can secure the funds it needs to front load supplies and resources to fulfill the demands of contractors either working under county or private contracts.

Call AA Bankers today for a detailed description of our Financial services. Don’t let your business be unprepared to Hurricane season. Prepare yourself physically, but do not neglect your financial needs.