With the barriers to entry for traditional funding slowly being raised, and the huge market of un-bankable individuals and businesses the demand for a non-traditional lender has never been higher.

Which Type of Projects Do You Finance?

Special projects require special finance. Purchase order financing, mobilization funding, and many more specific funding needs shaped by the unique demands of different industries is where AAB is staking its claim. Because we are a direct lender, and have the freedom to fund any deal that is presented, regardless of industry this makes AAB an ideal source of funding for higher risk transactions, special arrangements, and atypical time tables.

Can You Be My Lender?

Here at AAB we can afford to do this because of our company culture. That culture emboldens a business owner to sit down in their office or jump in a call with us to express their exact funding needs. We are willing to formulate a logistical, and financial solution to help grow your business secure that contract, or facilitate your transaction, so as a business owner, you can get back to what you do best. If your needs don’t fall within the traditional sphere of finance. Meaning loans, credit lines, cash advances, and bonding. AAB is equipped to offer working capital in many different forms. Whether that be funding to keep a Construction project moving between invoices, otherwise known as mobilization funding, payroll financing for temporary Staffing agencies, and purchase order financing (PO) that can even be used to fund imports internationally. We can take on these unique funding mediums because we are a Direct lender.

Want More?

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