Car Financing | Car Refinancing

Get the Car Financing You Need

When you are searching for a new or used vehicle, the last thing you want to hear is that you’ve been denied financing. Auto financing from American Auto Bankers can help you get the car loan you need, even if your credit isn’t in the best shape. We help people with auto financing, no matter whether they are looking to fund a private sale, shopping online, going through a dealership, or buying from an auction. Let American Auto Bankers finance your next vehicle so you can get back on the road.

Auto Finance for a Private Sale

Sometimes you see the perfect car for you sitting on the side of the road with a for sale sign in the window. Whether you want to buy the car that’s been sitting in your neighbor’s driveway or a car put up for sale by another owner on a website, we can help. Talk to us today so we can discuss your needs.

Auto Finance for a Dealership Sale

Buying a car from a dealership can be a stressful process. You may find yourself going through all the steps of buying a new or used car at a dealership only to hear that they can’t offer you financing. When that happens, it’s time to call American Auto Bankers. Talk to us about a car loan today to avoid the hassle of finding a bank to fund your dealership purchase.

Auto Financing for an Auction Sale

Cars sold at auction often go for well under their value, which is why so many people try to purchase the vehicle they need at auction. If you want to finance your next vehicle purchase at an auction, American Auto Bankers is here to help. Get in touch with us today so we can discuss the details of the purchase and set a maximum bid amount for your car financing together.

Auto Loan Refinancing

Do you need help making your monthly payments on your auto loan? Want to extend the term of your loan? How about lowering your interest rate to save thousands over the life of your auto loan? If any of that sounds good to you, then now is a great time to consider auto loan refinancing with American Auto Bankers. By refinancing, you can make the details of your car loan work harder for you, and not the other way around.

What Is an Auto Refinance Loan?

The idea behind an auto refinance loan is pretty simple—get approved for a new loan with better terms that will pay off your existing loan. By applying for a refinance loan to pay off your existing loan, you could save money on your monthly payments and on the interest over the life of your loan. Depending on your credit score and interest rates at the time of the initial loan, refinancing could help you get back in control of your monthly payments, save cash in the long run, or even get the difference between your loan amount and the value of your car in cash.